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by | Dec 29, 2022 | General Veterinary Rehabilitation

As we end off the year, we celebrate having published 233 episodes of the Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast! The podcast has been an absolute passion for the Onlinepethealth team, providing a channel where we can get to know and learn from Vetrehabbers all around the world, as well as allowing us to share that knowledge with our community.


The Veterinary Rehabilitation podcast celebrates 5 years, 233 episodes, and countless hours of learning, connection and growth within a global community of Vetrehabbers. We publish an episode every week of the year, for you to learn from and enjoy wherever you might be, and whatever you might be doing, anywhere in the world!


Today I would like to share a few of my favourite episodes from 2022 with you, just in case you missed them!


How to Overcome Imposter Moments, with Tony Brooks

“The gap between how you see yourself, and what you think you should be in a specific role”, Tony Brooks joins Megan to speak about imposter syndrome or imposter moments, and where they originate in our primal minds and instincts.

We are geared to focus on our weaknesses as a species to be able to survive. Unfortunately, that same survival mechanism or survival thinking leads to a feeling of doubting ourselves and our ability, or our right to be in a particular position.

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Stress-Free Handling for Vetrehabbers, with Sally J Foote

Dr Sally J Foote from Foote and Friends joined Megan to speak about stress-free handling. There are many factors that can create a stressful environment for our patients. Sally explains the effects it has on our patients and how we can prevent it. 

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Wiggleless were our proud sponsors for this podcast.
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Unleashing  the Entrepreneur Within, with Julie Buzby

Dr Julie Buzby, the founder of ToeGrips, joined Megan to speak about her journey.

Her story highlights what can happen when we tenaciously pursue the ideas that we believe can truly make a difference to our patients and our community. As a Mom, business owner, team member, Vetrehabber and more, Dr Julie is bound to inspire you to take action and pursue your dreams!!

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A Research Update on Canine Hydrotherapy, with Arielle Pechette Markley

Arielle Pechette Markley joins Megan to discuss some of the newest articles published in canine Hydrotherapy, and how they impact our practice. She discusses the challenges of research in this field, as well as in canine rehabilitation in general.

Learn more about Arielle Pechette Markley

Read our blog summarising the most relevant and recent hydro research articles.


A Research Update on sporting dogs, with Arielle Pechette Markley

Arielle Pechette Markley joins Megan to discuss the available research within the canine sporting world. They discuss the many questions that still remain in the literature and the challenges of filling those gaps. Arielle shares a little about her collection of research articles, which is now well over 2000!

Learn more about Arielle Pechette Markley  
Learn more about Arielle’s research


Hypermobility in Canines, with Amy Kings

Amy Kings joins Ané to discuss the prevalence of canine hypermobility in canines.  They discuss what hypermobility looks like, how it connects to mental and emotional ‘imbalances’ like anxiety, noise sensitivity, fear, as well as how it might affect athletes.

Learn more about Amy Kings
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Are you charging enough for your service, with Francisco Maia

We have all asked ourselves whether we are charging enough for our services, and many of us find it tough to speak about money at all. Francisco Maia shares great tips and advice on how to approach this subject in your business. 
Learn more about Francisco Maia


Why you SHOULDN’T set goals, with Ané Lloyd

Setting goals can be an incredibly powerful way for us to motivate ourselves and to hold ourselves accountable, but at this time of the year there are more ways to do it wrong than usual, which means setting yourself up for failure instead of success. 

You can also read our blog on an alternative approach to setting goals here.


Let’s talk Telemedicine, with Dr Christiane Orsini

Dr. Christiane Orsini joins us to share why she loves telemedicine. There are many benefits to telemedicine, including a more streamlined triage system to improve patient flow in practice. The benefits to owners and their pets is immense, as they can receive veterinary care in their home environment.

Learn more about Dr. Christiane Orsini


Finding your voice in an online world, with Sarah MacKeigan

When Covid 19 hit the world, it was a massive adjustment for us all. As Vetrehabbers we had to find a different avenue to continue to serve and treat our patients. Sarah MacKeigan shares with us how to find your voice in an online world. 

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