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by | Jan 9, 2020 | General Veterinary Rehabilitation

2019 may not have been the smoothest sailing for all of us, but nonetheless it was a great year! We produced some incredible blogs over the last twelve months, judging from your responses. These are our ten favourites:

1. The Dunning-Kruger Effect

This one tops my list, focusing on an interesting cognitive bias to which we all fall prey in our search for confidence and knowledge. The blog walks us to the peak of Mount Stupid and shows how to leave the Valley of Despair; we then begin the steady climb up the Slope of Enlightenment. The result – the deeper confidence that comes from having a solid, reliable body of knowledge built up over time.

2. Are you a Chef or a Cook?

The chef and the cook are metaphors used to ascertain our ability to clinically reason and perform. We look at what it means in our industry to be both chef and cook, and how we can strive for excellence in either of these roles.

3. Burnout

In this blog, I share my own story and some painful lessons I learned about time and energy conservation in both my personal and professional life. I hope that my experience with grief and ultimate burnout will shed a little light and hope in your situation.

4. Overcoming the Isolation of the One-Person Practice

All too often we find ourselves isolated and working alone, feeling like an island, separated from colleagues and peers. This blog looks at some really handy techniques you can use to prevent the isolation and overcome the illusion of self-sufficiency in your practice.

5. Why Every Dog with Arthritis should have a Vet Rehab Therapist

This blog was written for you – or, more specifically, for your clients. We invited you to send it to your owners and your vets, allowing our blog to get your message across. And boy oh boy, you did that! For those who haven’t made maximum use of this blog, I invite you to do so now. It’s the perfect time to give your marketing a boost and reach potential clients with a persuasive article explaining the value of vet rehab therapy.

6. The 80/20 Rule

This is a gem! Increase your productivity and profit margin using the Pareto Principle, which maintains that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. By corollary, 80% of our efforts produce very little result.  The trick is to know which activities form the crucial 20%! Apart from being valuable to know, this little nugget makes a handy conversation driver during dinner parties – as I found out over the festive season.

7. Why Every Vet Practice should have a Physiotherapist

This is another one we wrote for you to share and gain mileage from. If you’re struggling to get a vet or group of vets to buy into rehabilitation, you might send them this blog, which is a rich source of information. Keep it in your archives for the next sceptical vet who proves a challenge!

8. Understanding Swimmers Syndrome

What an interesting and little-understood condition. This blog cites an interesting case study on Swimmers Syndrome shared on the Hydro Members platform, and gives you the tools to address the condition if it ever comes paddling into your practice.

9. The Tendencies and Challenges of Different Breed Types during Hydrotherapy

This blog was such fun to research and write, yielding fascinating insights into the different tendencies of dog types during hydrotherapy, and discussing ways we can accommodate and correct these idiosyncrasies or tendencies.

10. Being Evidence Based in our Practices

In a rather new industry, being evidence based in everything we do can be a Catch-22 situation! This blog looks at how we can overcome the gaps in our evidence base and how we can maintain an evidence-based mindset while working with what we have available.

What was your favourite blog for 2019? I’d love to know which was your Number 1 for 2019, impacting you or opening your eyes to something you might not have considered before – or simply proving most practical and helpful.

And please share what you would like to see from the Onlinepethealth team in 2020, as we grow in knowledge and excellence – all for the benefit of the animals we serve!


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