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by | Nov 12, 2020 | General Veterinary Rehabilitation

We are days away from the Vet Rehab Summit 2020, and the excitement is palpable! For the Onlinepethealth team and our members, the Summit is an annual high, a peak that celebrates all we have achieved in the year. It refocuses us on who we are and what is important in our lives and, most importantly, brings us together as a community to learn, grow, tackle some hard topics, and connect with one another as Vetrehabbers. It’s so much about connection.

Real connection

This year, the summit is all about real connection. Our lecture topics revolve around connections within the body, exploring areas such as fascia, trigger points, compensation and the relationship between muscle mass and strength; also the integration of different modalities into a treatment approach, the connections between members of the Vetrehab team, and a whole lot more.

However, connection from an academic standpoint just wasn’t enough for us, considering the year we have all just had. We decided to take our theme to a whole new level, and this year have introduced live discussion rooms, networking rooms and student areas to maximise on the many ways we can come together online as professionals and connect, contribute, and grow. 

Your connections around the world

Our around-the-world networking room will be far more than just a place to chat with strangers from around the globe. No – we already do that every day on social media. What we want to achieve is a deeper level of connection that results in active collaboration.

The people you meet on Saturday may well form the basis of some of your most valuable professional relationships over the next season of your career. Our goal here is that participants actively seek to find areas where they may collaborate with one another, and in so doing grow their own careers and the profession as a whole. Growth, integration and unity are possible, but only when people know one another and have experienced the benefits of collaboration. 

So let’s come prepared. We’re urging participants to think about the areas where they might seek to benefit someone else, and where the work of others might benefit their own.  Let’s start working together, dovetailing our areas of interest so that our profession grows and all of us benefit. In this way, we all stand a chance to reach more patients and make a bigger difference in the world around us.

Together, we are strong.

The hard topics

There are a few areas in which our profession continues to be challenged on a global scale. Unity is right at the top of that list, and not far below is research.

Our profession is divided within itself, with most of us practising rehabilitation from different perspectives, some having come from different earlier professions and most from different training institutions. We are divided in the multi-disciplinary team as we struggle to work together with veterinary and other healthcare professionals, and to gain recognition and acceptance in their referral circles. Often we are excluded from helping to attain the best possible outcomes for patients through our participation in the healthcare team. We all experience this problem, perhaps to different degrees – but a lack of recognition and integration into the healthcare team affects us all.

No profession survives without excellent, regular research. The quality of research currently available in our field holds us back and reduces our credibility and clinical reasoning skills. Without good research to back up what we are doing, our field cannot grow, and we cannot improve. This is an area we all need to address.

Join us in our many discussion rooms and make your voice heard as we search for solutions, and put in place a plan to enact those solutions.   

Make a difference

We are all bound by our love for animals, and this same love is what drives the Onlinepethealth team. Together, we can make the greatest difference. 


Join us LIVE on Saturday,  14 November 2020, at the Vet Rehab Summit. We can’t wait to meet you!


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