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17 AUGUST 2022

Fiona Bloom

The Endurance Horse: Injuries, Sport-Specific Rehabilitation, and Competition Support

with Fiona Bloom: MSc BSc MCSP HCPC ACPAT

The endurance horse has been described as the ultimate athlete with both aerobic and anaerobic requirements, differing terrains, speeds, and of course the challenge of up to 160km cannot be underestimated. This lecture will give an understanding of the requirements of an endurance horse and discuss how members of their professional team could try to minimize their risk of injury and ultimately improve their competitive performance. 

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7 – 28 SEPTEMBER   :   20H00 – 21H00 (GMT +2)

Jochen Schleese Lecturer

When Saddles Cause Lameness

with Jochen Schleese: CMS, CSFT, CSE

  • 7 Sep: When Saddle Fit Leads to Negative Behaviour
  • 14 Sep: The 9 Points of Saddle Fit – part 1
  • 21 Sep: The 9 Points of Saddle Fit – part 2
  • 28 Sep: Education = Prevention: Educating Your Clients

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5 OCTOBER 2022

Emma Mathlin

Pole Exercises for Equine Rehabilitation

with Emma Mathlin: BSci (Physio), MAnimSci(Physio), MExSportsSci(Sports Performance)

Pole exercises are commonly used within the equestrian training field. This webinar will discuss how pole exercises can be used within rehabilitation programs to achieve a variety of outcomes. A number of case studies will be presented to demonstrate the application and progression of exercises in different scenarios.

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19 OCTOBER 2022

Kathryn Nankervis

Introduction to Equine Water Treadmill Guidelines for Safe and Effective Practice

with Kathryn Nankervis: Assoc Professor, Hartpury University

Equine water treadmill exercise is gaining popularity, with many new venues offering services for training and rehabilitation. The aim of this session is to provide some guidelines for safe and effective usage, based on a combination of research evidence and experienced practitioner consensus.

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12 NOVEMBER 2022

Vet Rehab Summit 2022


Kathryn Nankervis

Equine Water Treadmill Exercise: Research findings and Clinical Relevance

with Kathryn Nankervis: Assoc Professor, Hartpury University

Understanding the biomechanical and physiological demands of water treadmill exercise is essential for constructing safe and effective rehabilitation programmes. The aim of this webinar is to equip practitioners with some key information from the existing evidence base that should enable them to figure out whether or not a case should be exercised on a water treadmill, and if so, how.

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