About the 12 Week Strengthening Course: "Holly is a 14 year old Border Collie that has been active all her life. A massive lover of swimming and paddle boarding. In recent years the passion in her is still there but the capability has not been.
I was keen to approach managing her changes in muscle strength more proactively than relying simply on medications, so finding Dr Megan Kellys boot camp was a god send. We had a great time doing it and I started to see improvement in her very quickly.
I would advise owners to incorporate this strengthening program into their daily life as it is hugely beneficial."

Hannah Capon, Veterinary surgeon and founder UK, CAM Arthritis Management

End of last year I experienced my first onlinepethealth webinar and, not being the strongest at the technical stuff, I was a little apprehensive, but no need. The webinars are super easy to follow, personal in that the lecturer may as well be right there in person, and it's interactive. No matter how long you've been in the field, I think everyone can benefit from these webinars and you'll take something away with you. A recent blog stated "students involved in online learning outperform their peers". Just do it! You won't be disappointed. Thank you, Dr Kelly, for setting this up. The value is huge and I'm very grateful to have these opportunities.

Natasha Lotter BSc (Hons), EEBW, CCRP

The online membership for rehab practitioners has already been such a huge benefit for me! From the business blog I learned how to set up google alerts, and as I'm not so clued up on social media, this really helped me find new things to post. The overall blog helped me build confidence with my posting!
Also the videos are so easily accessible! We are all so busy and I know the struggle with trying to find time for these things! I managed to set myself up in a coffee shop with my earphones and tablet and enjoyed an hour-long coffee while I watched a lecture before moving onto my next patient. So far I have managed to take something from each video and I definitely feel like its an easy way to keep up with the industry.  I am so grateful, I feel supported in my field because of your efforts.

Candice Ramsay, Ramsay Rehabilitation

Good morning Megan, I just want to say thank you for the webinar last night, it was brilliant! Very informative and useful. Have a great day.

Ané Krauss

This is absolutely great! I have just made a career switch to go into animal rehab so am trying to learn as much as I can! This is all so very helpful – thank you for setting this up and making it available!

Wendy, Heal Animal Rehabilitation

Thank you, as a practicing vet nurse I am really impressed with the 12 Week Strengthening course so far.

Kirsty Cavill, Veterinary Nurse UK