JOB POSITION: Full-Time Rehabilitation Veterinarian – CCRT/CCRP

LOCATION: DeLand, Florida
JOB REQUIREMENTS: Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation (FVR) seeks a full-time, licensed, and experienced Rehab Veterinarian (DVM with CCRP/CCRT and CVA preferred) to join our fast-paced, growing practice. We are looking for a highly motivated, team-oriented therapist who will work alongside Managing Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Mason, DVM, CCRP, CVA, CVPP, to replicate best practices, share certain private practice responsibilities and drive incremental caseload growth in collaboration with the FVR support team. Expectations include diagnosing and managing individualized treatment plans, communicating directly with clients and referral contacts and executing treatment plans effectively through active and supportive collaboration with FVR support staff. Our practice is currently equipped with diagnostic ultrasound, class 4 laser, Piezowave Shockwave, underwater treadmill, acupuncture, chiropractic, canine massage and other rehabilitation modalities. Why Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation (FVR)? Rehabilitation-Only Focus, Support & Expertise Founded in 2018, FVR is focused solely on delivery of rehabilitation services within the Central Florida market. FVR is a partner-practice of Veterinary Rehabilitation & Orthopedic Medicine Partners (VROMP), a practice group focused solely on strategic and mindful growth and ongoing support of rehab-focused practices and teams. While maintaining local autonomy, become part of a growing, national team of rehab experts which provides access to greater rehab best practices, ongoing support and an enhanced professional community. Achieve greater work-life balance within a rehabilitation-only private practice facility. High-Growth Practice The practice is currently in a high-growth phase which presents unique and attractive opportunities for existing and new team members. Core Values Each day we show up focused on our mission to treat each animal and person with respect, dignity, and honor as we work to build strength, create balance, and promote health in the form of the best possible outcomes for our patients and a best-in-class experience for our clients, referral partners and our team members. 

COMPANY NAME: Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation

EMAIL CV TO: Jessica Thorndike

JOB POSITION:  Rehab Therapist

LOCATION: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
JOB REQUIREMENTS: PT, RVT or DVM Part time with the potential for full time. We are looking to add another therapist to our practice. We are a stand alone referral only rehab and pain management practice in Burlington Ontario. SOAR Vet Services currently has three vets, an RVT, and a CCFT. We currently offer laser therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, land treadmill, and water treadmill, as well as modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, TENS/NMES. 

COMPANY NAME: SOAR Veterinary Services

EMAIL CV TO: Dr. Danielle Anderson 


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