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by | Dec 17, 2020 | Hydrotherapy for Animals

As Vetrehabbers, we never miss an opportunity to learn, and the festive season is no exception! I have put together a list of our best hydro blogs for you to read and enjoy, to deepen your thirst for knowledge, and to awaken your curiosity. Enjoy them in the quiet moments that you steal for yourself over the holiday season!

Achieving Goals of Hydrotherapy with Tools
In the world of Hydrotherapy, the use of a flotation device is a controversial topic, one that should form the subject of far more high-quality research, and open discussion.

6 Need-to-Know Canine Hydrotherapy Research Articles
Within the field of Veterinary Rehabilitation we know that our body of good quality research is limited, but growing. When it comes to canine 
hydrotherapy, the research is even more limited, and growing very slowly. There are few research articles we can cite to the owners of our canine patients, and most convey only the beginning phases of the research. Much needs to be done in each of the areas currently being investigated.

Obesity in Hydrotherapy 
One of the most common conditions we treat as hydrotherapists is obesity, which impacts on quality of life and is often a cause or exacerbating factor for a whole host of conditions, including osteoarthritis.

Understanding Swimmers Syndrome
Swimmers syndrome is a poorly understood, poorly characterized disease that affects puppies and kittens. It is usually noticed 15 to 21 days after birth, when the difference between an affected puppy or kitten and its litter mates becomes apparent. It will usually affect one animal in a litter, but has been reported to affect a whole litter in some cases (Dumon, 2005).

The Tendencies and Challenges of different Breed Types during Hydrotherapy
All dogs can swim? I certainly believed that all dogs could swim, until the day I saw a young dog in the water, thrashing about with the forelimbs, head held as high as possible out of the water, and the hind end sunk, nowhere to be seen – a recipe for drowning, as he wasn’t able to propel himself forward or lift his hind end back up, and would doubtless fatigue very quickly at the rate he was going.

Of course, none of us want to be writing blogs for our clients during this time of rest and recovery, and for that reason I have included these two blogs in your list – feel free to share them with your clients:

How Hydrotherapy Can Help your Dog with Elbow Dysplasia
The story I have just told is a common one for many of us. Perhaps it’s a story you are living now. You might have just received the diagnosis, or you might have known about it for years. Either way, what matters is that elbow dysplasia is a life-long condition that needs to be managed.

Why your Amputee Needs a Hydrotherapist
When your best friend needs an amputation, it can be an emotionally challenging decision to make as a family. When you have no choice and the amputation needs to be performed suddenly, it can be even more difficult to deal with.


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